We at SH1 Designs in Delhi NCR have an innate capacity to understand our client’s choice and taste with respect to interior & exterior design and thus with their close collaboration, we convert their dreams into reality by offering a unique and personal touch to their properties. We have an unquenchable thirst for what is new, interesting, exciting and creative.

Residential Projects - Viviana India Foundation


The interiors & exteriors designed by us represent a unique panorama of style, desires and personality of our clients that are sophisticated, subtle and elegant.  The overall look of a space can set an atmosphere, a mood, or give people an impression of the owner’s persona and lifestyle. With craft and detailed attention, we deliver lifelong value to our esteemed clients.

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From contemporary to modern, we at SH1 Designs can design and implement very attractive looks for your interiors and exteriors. We believe in maintaining a cordial and healthy relation with our clients so that they openly express their views. The customers have described our work as “a powerful combination of unique styles and the most exquisite materials”.

Hospitality Projects - Viviana India Foundation


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

At SH1 Designs, we encourage customers to Meet, and eventually “mutually “ agree on the final concepts on designs and creation of space.

Meeting ensures exchange of thoughts and knowing you as a customer and understanding your needs in better that a telephonic conversation.

Agreeing to your needs and giving back ideas to address those needs will help in coming up with mutually agreeable designs!

After that we had met and discussed the requirements and we come back and mull over the requirements and throw back our ideas and concept addressing your needs and requirements.

These ideas and concepts might strike you at the very first instance or may be come back with more ideas and concepts.

We keep the process until we reach a consensus!

After the ideas and concept are okayed and freeze, we work on the final designs and create spaces and décor as per the requirement and concepts discussed.

We try to bring the real picture of house in question and concept design to a close match and bring the final design with colour schemes, textures etc to a final shape.

After all the deliberation and thoughts undergone in the designs and concept stage we finally move to the build and install stage where we go all out to actually build what designs and concept wer had been discussing.

It brings a special joy and satisfaction to team SH1 Designs to build and install the concepts and designs finally on the floor.

The creative satisfaction derived from the above and a happy satisfied customer gives all the awards one can ask for !!



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